Painter's Nature Set


Please find here a small but well considered and luxurious set to make the perfect present for somebody with an interest in nature, painting, and their natural crossover - natural pigments. Firstly the set includes 8 tubes of earth pigments collected from the British isles. These are left ground to a higher micron particle size conducive to granulation, a phenomenon highly prized by many watercolourists whereby the pigment opens-up and splits adding layers of texture. Secondly we have included a small pocket notebook containing beautiful heavy weight watercolour paper from Japan. The paper medium-grain structure lends itself to these pigments highlighting the material nature of colour. Finally a high-end sable and horsehair Japanese paintbrush, very versatile both for a fine and detail point and thick enough for laying down colour. 

We hope this cross-cultural assortment meets your approval for subtlety and refinement.

This set includes:

- a set of British earth watercolours 
- a spiral bound painters sketchbook 
- a precise paintbrush with sable bristles 

Each element can be purchased separately as well by clicking on the links.
Each set comes gift wrapped unless otherwise advised.