Choosing Keeping Retro Watercolour Set, 1930's


Choosing Keeping presents seven exclusive, special editions of 8 shades of Gansai. This Japanese alternative to standard European watercolours is not dissimilar to gouache and is made by a 100 year old paint maker in Japan. The paints can be used directly out of the box with a wet paintbrush - either thinly in translucent washes, or by layering for a bolder effect. These can also be used on darker paper bases to enhance colours further.

We recommend the Aquarella (white) and Aquarello (off-white) for the perfect paper pairing.

Material: Gansai watercolour
Included: 8 colours in chiyogami paper presentation box
Vegetarian/ Vegan: No (contains gelatine glue binder)
Made in Japan
Swatches and illustrations courtesy of Maria Ines Gul

Colour Breakdown:

211 - AketsuchiEarthy crimson 
42 - KurochaBlack tea 
36 - Kin-oudoiroGolden ochre 
44 - GunrokuMixed green - traditionally this pigment is made of a mixture of azurite and malachite. 
19 - KawaganeIron skin; when a Japanese sword is made the more flexible interior metal, shingane, is coated in far stronger metal coating - kawagane. 
38 - Kodai-murasakiAncient purple - due to the cost of the pigment, purple was traditionally associated with wealth in Japan and ordinary people were not permitted to wear it. 
22 - KogechaCharred tea
34 - Hadairoflesh