2B Mitsubishi 9000 Pencils


Mitsubishi was established in 1887 after its founder Mr Masaki having seen a pencil (then a newly mass manufactured implement) in 1878 at the Paris World Exhibition, sought to replicate the product in his factory. Before then, stationery products were exclusively imported from Germany but Japan going through rapid modernisation and industrialisation during what is known as the Meiji Era became able to develop its own industry, encouraged by a rise in demand due to education reform (no more calligraphy brushes.. modern pencils for all school children).

Graphite from Kagoshima prefecture, the most southern part of Japan, was mixed to clay from Tochigi prefecture (region neighbouring Tokyo), encased in the best wood from Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan) and voila the Japanese pencil was born. All together it took 15 years in research and tooling development for Mr Masaki to set up his factory.

It is estimated that around 1910, Japanese pencils accounted for 60% of domestic consumption, while 40% were still being imported from Germany and the US. WWI was a catalyst in the developement of pencil making in Japan, because German imports suddenly became unavailable and created a drought in supply. Thus the Japanese industry of pencil manufacturing was securely established for what is now over 100 years. 

Artists and pencil lovers alike turn to this nation which produces the best available.

The 9000 is another model which has been around for many years (decades) and remains unchanged. Dark, ultra smooth, good looks in packaging and lacquer alike - it comes highly recommended for sketching and writing. 

2B Grade