Japanese Watercolour Special Brush


An East-meets-West brush bringing Japanese brush making expertise to a Western-style with natural bristles in imitation Kolinsky/Sable for use with watercolours, gouache, Japanese gansai, among many other water based paints. Indeed where there are increasing issues arising from both availability and ethical and environmental concerns over the sourcing of sable/marten, this brush seeks to replicate the excellent performance of Kolinsky brushes by way of a natural bristle blend of hairs : Strong Ox, Horse Tail and softer Horse Belly hair - a unique Japanese alternative to the world famous but seemingly defunct brush type. 

With the above in mind we have chosen these generously sized brushes offering a precise point with great paint holding capacity. Made with care in Tokyo, we are proud to offer this well researched painting implement from a qualitative and authentic production.

For best durability, carefully wash after use with soap, air dry preferably overnight on a towel (avoid drying with tip upwards as this can cause damage where water sits at the base of the bristles)

Paintbrushes are sold separately, please select your preferred brush from the dropdown above, listed from top to bottom (top being the largest and bottom the smallest)

Made in Japan