Natural Bristle Japanese Craft Paint brushes


Here illustrated on offer two extremely versatile natural bristle Japanese brushes.  Made with care in Tokyo, we are proud to offer these pleasing implements from a qualitative and authentic production, combining straight forward functionality with a sense of aesthetics one can appreciate from well made tools.

There are really few limits to what these could be used for - their large size would make these excellent candidates for painting over large areas, for sizing paper, applying dyes and water based glues...

For best durability, carefully wash after use with soap, air and hang dry dry preferably overnight on a towel (avoid drying with tip upwards as this can cause damage where water sits at the base of the bristles)

Paintbrushes are sold separately, please select your preferred brush from the dropdown above, listed from top to bottom. 

Details: (from top to bottom)

No. 1 Medium-Large soft 3cm straight all rounder brush, horse and goat Hair.

No. 2 Large 6cm soft angled brush for comfortable grip ideal for sizing and applying onto large areas without strain, sheep and goat Hair - large paint holding capacity for generous application.