Japanese Printing and Colour Gradation Brush


Originally technical brushes specific to making wax-resist dyeing (for making kimono fabric for example), these brushes have a wide ranging possible application such as stencilling, applying glue or paint to woodblock and Lino printing to name a few. Available in three sizes depending on the level of detail needed. 

Made from deer hair, this brush type features a stiffer bristle outer part and softer inner section.

Made in Japan artisanally these brushes have been well researched to offer what we feel is a very qualitative and authentic production.

After use carefully wash with soap including at the base where the bristles are tightly woven. Air dry in a cool place for extended longevity. 

Paintbrushes are sold separately, please select your preferred brush from the dropdown above, listed from top to bottom (top being the largest and bottom the smallest)

Made in Japan