Saiun-do Kyoto Nihonga Full Pan Teppachi Set, 12 Colours


If David Bowie were a painter, he would buy his paints in a 100 year old shop in the narrow streets of old Kyoto called Painted Clouds, of course. Aside from its illustrious patrons, the little shop, Saiun-do in Japanese, is renowned for the quality of its paints.

Possibly one of the most refined and sophisticatedly packaged items we have had the honour to sell, this Teppachi set contains 12 large sized watercolour pans each hand poured in individual ceramic bowls and wash covered boxes, and arranged over two layers and then bound like a folder-like satchel - pure Japanese packaging joy. 

Beyond the presentation which alone is something to behold, these artisanally made colours, the super-sized version of Japanese Gansai paints, are reputed for their more subdued and complex pigmentation - a more grown-up colour spectrum well suited for landscape and still life work.

Texturally this Japanese alter-ego to European watercolours is not dissimilar to gouache and can be used diluted for a more transparent effect, or more concentrated it will render a more opaque finish. Indeed because of the addition of white pigment (made from crushed shells) in the colour recipe, there is often a sense of the colour being alight, with an inherent opacity not unlike renaissance egg-based tempera paints. This effect can be further enhanced by sizing the paper before paint application, with a base layer of Gofun (white pigment). You can purchase Gofun separately here. 

This set can equally be enjoyed in a very straightforward manner, if one isn't taken to the romance of the technicalities of Nihonga Painting ritual. The paint can be used straight out of the box. For maximum delectation we do recommend our premium brushes, also manufactured under the supervision of Mrs Saiun-do, locally in Kyoto and praised by artists, see here.

Included: 12 colours in Japanese washi paper-bound presentation box, including 12 ceramic plates.
Vegetarian/ Vegan: No (contains gelatine glue binder)

Hand Made in Japan