Zecchi 12 Watercolour Travel Set


Forget cheap dyes and and synthetic fillers - these watercolours are made according to methods dating back to the Renaissance by Florence-based mom n' pop shop Zecchi, famous amongst artists for their top quality supplies. Indeed, these vibrant colours are made by hand in the Tuscan region for a truly artist-quality medium.

Paints aside, these come in a sweet, small travel palette, perfect for painting on the move. A mixing palette unfolds, and the right panel can be used as shallow water container. 

Choosing Keeping had the pleasure of personally visiting the production premises where these paints are made, attesting to the breadth of knowledge and expertise of the Zecchi family and their collaborators. 

Material: Honey-based watercolour. 
Included: 12 colours in travel tin with fold-out palette
Vegetarian: Yes
Vegan: No (contains honey as a binder)

! Paintbrush sold separately here.

Colour details:

503 - Cadmium Yellow Light 
507 - Indian yellow 
512 - Cadmium Red Light
518 - Primary Red
523 - Ultramarine Blue Deep
527 - Cerulean Blue
534 - Viridian 
544 - Yellow Ochre
548 - Burnt Sienna
549 - Burnt Umber
550 - Raw Umber 
557 - Ivory Black